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     The following group of companies are amoug those who provided advanced technological products, materials and services which aided in making the EXAR-1 the most beautiful and advanced electric automobile in the world. 

      Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company provided special tires, developed expermintal future characteristics to be implemented into the design of the EXAR-1 - technology that came to fuition and was implemented in the 1990s, some fifteen years later.


    Bell Helicoptor and Ling Tempco Vaught  Aerospace engineers provided structural design and metalurgical analysis:  4130 chromally steel would be used as the roll cage to protect passengers utilizing body on frame technology, for inexpensive repairs and maintance while providing exceptional safety. 
     TRW Automotive and ZF Corporation provided transmission and gear engineering advice and systems. 
     EMC Show Corporation in conjunction with DuPont provided the Acrylic/Kevlar body materials to be used in replaceable body panels constructed for higher safety and reduced repair and replacement cost.
     General Electric's DC motor division provided extensive research and development for the electric motor to be used on the future EXAR-1 electric car. 
     Trojan Batteries, as well as several other firms provided advanced storage devices; this included
     SatCom who offered their advanced battery design.
     Pietro Frua designed the body, while the
     Department of Transportation cooperated in technical recommendations and asistance in overall safety design and new materials analysis...suffice to say that Ramirez built an electric automobile for approximately $18 million dollars, that General Motors (with government funding assistance, etc.) could not do for $360 million dollars...
The EXAR-1 on the docks of Monte-Carlo, Monaco
     Mr. Ramirez's EXAR-1 Electric Automobile actually worked, as tested over and over by the U.S. Department of Transportation and like Preston Tucker, it would be his downfall - it was not the time for a "Real" Electric Automobile to be introduced into a failing American car market - and certainly not a car invented in America and manufactured in the Peoples Republic of China 

     The following documents show 39 years of struggle to introduce an entirely new concept in the automobile industry – the idea that it would also be electric was not received with the fervor one might expect of the American Public; but, as usual, the public is not always exposed to the truth – the news media has certainly proved that their reporting is, at best, mendacious, baseless, and lacking in facts, far too much of the time…suiting the agenda of those who control the news, or those whose opinion, baseless as it might be, is what they wish to express.

     There are those, who, despite the facts, refuse to accept the EXAR-1…facts, and empirical proof are of little importance to these skeptics, as well as those to whom this new technological approach is objectionable.

     So as you read through the government documents and other empirical evidence, remember that there are those who will continue to deny the truth...these two quotes should remind us all why such things exist;


        “Man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

                                                 And while,

“Every man is entitled to his own opinion, no man is entitled to have the facts wrong upon which that opinion is based.”


     From what you see and read in the following pages, you might ask yourself, "Why was there such a great effort in seeing to it that the EXAR-1 would never be mass produced - particularly in China."